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SGS Consulting is a company registered as a closed corporation and functions as a social enterprise based in Johannesburg, South Africa. SGS serves to build the infrastructure for community philanthropy, facilitate organisational development services in the social justice sector, and education improvement and development.

The work and interventions of SGS Consulting happens in deeply divided societies in the region, remnants of significant colonial disruption and institutionalised racial segregation. Transformation in the aforesaid contexts involves the eradication of systemic forms of domination and material disadvantage based on race, gender, class, patriarchy and other forms of inequality.

Established in 2002

Established 2002

SGS Consulting is a Johannesburg-based for-profit consulting company operating as a social enterprise. With a focus on community philanthropy and the advancement of community foundations in the SADC region, SGS is dedicated to building infrastructure that supports these initiatives. Additionally, SGS facilitates education and school improvement programs, as well as organisational development services in social justice as well as other sectors. The impact of SGS’s programming extends throughout the SADC region.

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Established 2002

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