Programme Coordinator

Yolisa Lawrence

Yolisa Lawrence is currently the Project Co-ordinator for the Community Foundation Development Programme at SGS. She holds a Master's degree in Development Studies from the Nelson Mandela University. Yolisa holds dear the understanding that, the measure of a healthy society, lies not at how it elevates its achievers, but, at how, with compassion, inclusivity and empowerment, it supports those who find themselves at the margins, and are left voiceless. In the year 2021, she became an Atlantic Fellow on Health Equity, based at Tekano. Yolisa has worked in spaces advocating for adult education and sustainable communities, equitable access to health services and the strengthening of health policies and systems. Yolisa is introspective on the culture of giving in the African context, collaboratively learning of the language and practice of giving in the pre and post-colonial era, in Africa.


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